About us

If you are interested in grand Lithuanian history, its great castles and sometimes you would like to feel yourself as a nobleman or a knight, please visit us.

Recreation and entertainment complex „Tvirtovė prie Didžiulio“ is modern equipped ancient castle – restaurant and hotel near wonderful Didžiulis lake. There is a question – why it so wonderful? Many restaurants-hotels have an excellent view from the windows, is it true? Yes, but Didžiulis lake  is unique, just imagine: you sit down with your family or friends to have delicious meal and enjoy romantic view of the lake and when the waitress brings the dessert, the view from the windows radically changes.
Do not worry, it’s not because you have drunk too much strong drinks, but because Didžiulis lake has
8 floating islands, so the view from our windows is constantly changing.

„Tvirtovė prie Didžiulio“ is 1600 square meters  of space with 4 separate restaurant halls. Each hall is unique and exclusive. The original interior of the castle  - solid stone,
the walls decorated by the Lithuanian blacksmiths’ and other craftsmen handmade creations as well as an authentic environment will allow you to feel very comfortable, and meal is so delicious….  
Lithuanian dishes, Caucasian stakes and classic European cuisine – all fresh, made from high quality products and with big love. Traditional flavours together with modern cuisine make real celebration for taste receptors.

Fishermen, attention!

If your spouse constantly complains that you spend all weekends fishing and do not bring home anything special, please come to us! „Tvirtovė prie Didžiulio“ has a piece of water with a lot of delicious fish.
You will not come from there without a catch and our chef will cook your goldfish for you.  Thought it does not fulfil wishes, but if you will feel tired after a meal, you always can have a rest in our hotel rooms that are also perfect for the newlyweds and their guests,  for tired persons and for lovers who want to spend time romantically.

We also suggest our guests to try their hands at the original wooden billiard table, to relax in the rustic sauna (we have three saunas) or to watch basketball matches on the big TV screen.  While parents enjoy the excellent view from the spacious summer outdoor terraces, little castle’s guests can recreate at the children playground.

„Tvirtovė prie Didžiulio“ organizes weddings, graduation parties, family celebrations, serves conferences, arranges banquets, thematic parties and buffets.  
We will do everything to make your celebration especial!

So we do we meet? In “Tvirtove prie Didžiulio“ !